Rapier fighting in Atlantia is governed by the Atlantian Book of Policy. Rules relevant to rapier combat are in Section 3.11.

In some melee combat scenerios, combat archery may be employed. Combat Archery rules are defined in Section 3.5.3.

Society Rules

In addition to our Kingdom rules, you must also know and follow our Society Rules.

Cut & Thrust

Cut & Thrust has been an approved form of rapier fighting since April of 2007. During the initial implementation, a Cut & Thrust Frequently Asked Questions has been put together.


About Us

Kingdom Rapier Marshal
Master Giacomo Vincenti di Firenze, Provost

Emergency Deputy
Baron Llwyd Aldrydd, Provost

Northern Regional Deputy
Master Richard ffaukes, Provost

Southern Regional Deputy
Dame Rosalind Delamere, Provost

Master Brian de Moray